Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Allison Fisher: Remember The Name

To watch any athlete in the throes of passion – performing the sport they love with flawless execution and an expression that dares defeat to cross their path – this is the thrill we so enjoy as spectators. For Fisher fans, this thrill is multiplied, each and every time she chalks up another victory. Allison Fisher embodies the indomitable spirit of the consummate athlete. Forget that she’s brilliant at the table. Forget that she’s the most consistent player in the history of pool. Watching Allison defeat an opponent is memorable for so many more reasons: her precise mechanics, her deadly aim, the incredible planning that goes into a perfect run-out, and the patience of a hungry predator as she waits to make her move.

She’s been called the “Fisher Queen,” the “Barracuda,” the “Duchess of Doom,” and yes, even “Alli the Bug” (by a big brother when they were kids), but the truth is, none of the nicknames quite fit the personality of this resilient champion. “I don’t like nicknames personally,” says Allison Fisher. “I am my own brand in my eyes.” Countless opponents have felt the sting of that brand. But at the end of the day, Allison Fisher wants to be known simply as herself, for her real name, and her real game…

Born of Passion

Allison was just seven years old when she first picked up a cue. “I watched Snooker on TV with my Dad and liked the look of it. I asked for a small table and I got one that Christmas.” It was love at first strike. Shorter perhaps, but no less deadly at the table, Allison was soon challenging anyone who came through the front door. But then as Allison tells it, she was competitive by nature, and not just on a snooker table. “I liked playing soccer and I remember kicking a ball against the front wall for hours when I was younger,” says Allison. “I played it at school with the boys and a couple of girls. When I was older I played field hockey, netball, basketball and threw the javelin. I was very competitive and loved sport. I went for county trials at hockey and the javelin.”

A natural athlete, Allison soon represented her school in all sports and typically played with teams a year ahead of her. But besides her gifted physical prowess, her successful athletic endeavors as a student were an early indication of an indomitable spirit, her will to win. And it was snooker that captured her heart and imagination above all other sports. “I would come home from school and play. I remember being around at my friend’s house and my Mum called and offered me a chance to go and play Snooker down the pub. I immediately left and went to do that